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    • Exploring Marital Belief Systems of Single and Partnered Polish Young Adults 

      Adamczyk, Katarzyna; Hall, Scot (Wydawnictwo Libron, 2014-05-20)
      This chapter outlines that marriage is a highly-valued societal institution, though young adults have some diverse beliefs about the institution. Relationship status may contribute to these beliefs. The authors present the ...
    • Identity Processes and Identity Senses: Does Self-Complexity Matter? 

      Pilarska, Aleksandra; Suchańska, Anna (Wydawnictwo Libron, 2014-05-20)
      This chapter presents empirical analysis of the relationship between the self-concept complexity and the identity structure. The sample consisted of 118 emerging and young adults who completed Self-complexity Questionnaire, ...
    • Subjective and Objective Indicators of Adulthood 

      Wysota, Monika (Wydawnictwo Libron, 2014-05-20)
      The article presents consideration referring to adulthood indices in the context of phenomenon of adulthood postponement which might be observed in Western European countries. Because of the fact that socially determined ...