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    • Financial education for an ageing population 

      Skibińska-Fabrowska, Ilona (Rzecznik Finansowy, Fundacja Edukacji Ubezpieczeniowej, 2017-12-30)
      The issue of financial education and the need for its provision has been the subject of much research and analysis. A group particularly in need of financial education is elderly people. They constitute a growing and ...
    • Precedent as an Element of Shaping Public Administration Policies 

      Szot, Adam (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej w Lublinie, 2018)
      The aim of this publication is to answer the question why and to what extent the arguments expressed in previous decisions issued in the result of law application processes (precedents) – both from the administration itself ...
    • Technological innovations in the insurance industry 

      Klapkiv, Lyubov; Klapkiv, Jurij (Rzecznik Finansowy, Fundacja Edukacji Ubezpieczeniowej, 2017-12-30)
      The main idea of this article is an overview and analysis of the technological innovations in the insurance industry. First of all, the authors have characterised the driving factors of innovative development in the insurance ...