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    • Analysis and Detection of Faults at Insulated Conductors of Overhead Medium Voltage Lines 

      Hamacek, Štefan; Ivanek, Lubomir; Bartłomiejczyk, Mikołaj; Stýskala, Vítězslav (Technical University of Košice, 2013-09-18)
      The paper dealt with the issue of breakdowns detection of isolated hanging wires on the medium-voltage transmission. The main aim of article is to describe the function of created breakdowns detector and evaluation its. ...
    • Analysis of Energy Efficiency in Electric Drives 

      Mirchevski, Slobodan; Bartłomiejczyk, Mikołaj; Hamacek, Štefan; Hamacková, Helena (VŃB - Technical University of Ostrava, 2013-09-12)
      In this paper energy efficiency in electric drives is analysed. This factor strongly depends on energy parameters - efficiency n and power factor k (in special case cos fi)
    • The Opportunity for the Development of Trolleybus Transport With the Support of European Union Funds 

      Bartłomiejczyk, Mikołaj; Hamacek, Štefan; Połom, Marcin (VSB - Technical University of Ostrava, 2013-09-11)
      The article introduced the development of trolleybus transport in Poland during the last 10 years. Development that took place was with the support of the European Union.
    • Research of partial discharge in the laboratory constructed 

      Hamacek, Štefan; Bartłomiejczyk, Mikołaj; Mišák, Stanislav; Stýskala, Vítězslav; Hrbáč, Roman (VSB - Technical University of Ostrava,, 2013-09-11)
      Nowadays in the Czech Republic begins implementation of new types of leadership that use the system with insulated conductors nowadays. This system is used because of the use of conductors in difficulteis to reach ...
    • Trolleybus with traction batteries for autonomous running 

      Bartłomiejczyk, Mikołaj; Hrbáč, Roman; Stýskala, Vítězslav; Połom, Marcin (Technical University of Košice, 2013-09-18)
      In 2009 the transport company of city Gdynia (Poland) introduced in the operation trolleybuses fitted with traction batteries. This solution was designed for emergency situations, such as: damage of overhead lines or ...