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    • Workshop report: Creating a citizens’ information pack on ethical and legal issues around ICTs: what should be included? 

      Asine, Janice; Baibarac-Duignan, Corelia; Broglio, Elisabetta; Castańeda, Alexandra; Feord, Helen; Freyburg, Linda; Leppée, Marcel; Matheus, Andreas; Camara Oliveira, Marta; Pavlakis, Christoforos; Peira, Jaume; Soacha, Karen; Thuermer, Gefion; Vohland, Katrin; Wagenknecht, Katherin; Woods, Tim; Zourou, Katerina; Caruso, Federico; Duerinckx, Annelies; Klimczuk, Andrzej; Sterken, Mieke; Berti Suman, Anna (European Citizen Science Association; Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, 2020)
      The aim of this workshop was to ask potential end-users of the citizens’ information pack on legal and ethical issues around ICTs (i.e. citizens and citizens’ groups) the following questions: What is your knowledge of the ...