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    • Position paper on ethical, legal and social challenges linked to audio- and video-based AAL solutions 

      Ake-Kob, Alin; Aleksic, Slavisa; Alexin, Zoltán; Blaževičiene, Aurelija; Čartolovni, Anto; Colonna, Liane; Dantas, Carina; Fedosov, Anton; Fosch-Villaronga, Eduard; Florez-Revuelta, Francisco; He, Zhicheng; Jevremović, Aleksandar; Klimczuk, Andrzej; Kuźmicz, Maksymilian; Lambrinos, Lambros; Lutz, Christoph; Malešević, Anamaria; Mekovec, Renata; Miguel, Cristina; Mujirishvili, Tamar; Pajalic, Zada; Perez Vega, Rodrigo; Pierscionek, Barbara; Ravi, Siddharth; Sarf, Pika; Solanas, Agusti; Tamo-Larrieux, Aurelia (University of Alicante, 2022)
      In this position paper, we have used Alan Cooper's persona technique to illustrate the utility of audio- and video-based AAL technologies. Therefore, two primary examples of potential audio- and video-based AAL users, Anna ...
    • State of the art on ethical, legal, and social issues linked to audio- and video-based AAL solutions 

      Ake-Kob, Alin; Blazeviciene, Aurelija; Colonna, Liane; Cartolovni, Anto; Dantas, Carina; Fedosov, Anton; Florez-Revuelta, Francisco; Fosch-Villaronga, Eduard; He, Zhicheng; Klimczuk, Andrzej; Kuźmicz, Maksymilian; Lukacs, Adrienn; Lutz, Christoph; Mekovec, Renata; Miguel, Cristina; Mordini, Emilio; Pajalic, Zada; Pierscionek, Barbara Krystyna; Jose Santofimia Romero, Maria; AliSalah, Albert; Sobecki, Andrzej; Solanas, Agusti; Tamo-Larrieux, Aurelia (University of Alicante, 2021)
      Ambient assisted living (AAL) technologies are increasingly presented and sold as essential smart additions to daily life and home environments that will radically transform the healthcare and wellness markets of the future. ...