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dc.contributor.authorBieniecki, Mirosław
dc.contributor.authorPawlak, Mikołaj
dc.identifier.citationBieniecki, Mirosław, Mikołaj Pawlak. 2012. 'Simplification of Employment of Foreign Workers in Poland and the case of Wrocław.' In: A. Platnova, G. Urso (eds.). 'Labour Market Inclusion of the Less Skilled Migrants in the European Union.' Brussels: International Organization for Migration, pp. 65-73.en
dc.descriptionThe paper was produced for the the IOM Independent Network of Labour Migration and Integration Experts (LINET). For further information on the LINET consult:
dc.description.abstractThe so called ‘simplified system’ of employment of nationals of selected countries in Poland was not designed as a measure for immigrant integration. The introduction of the system in 2006 was a response to the employer demand in the sectors of agriculture and horticulture for the quick supply of the workers for seasonal employment. The integration aspect of the measure under consideration was intended, but is important as the ‘simplified system’ (1) supports integration into the regular labour market of migrants who are traditionally taking up the jobs in the irregular labour market; and (2) provides opportunity for the smooth transition to long-term employment under the general regulations on the employment of foreigners in Poland. The measure is also not designed exclusively for the less skilled migrants. However, due to the fact that it is targeted at workers taking up short-term jobs, it in reality predominantly concerning the low- or semi-skilled positions. Low and semi-skilled work assignments do not necessarily correspond to the immigrants’ qualifications. Especially in the case of Ukrainian immigrants, overqualification is widespread (for example a nurse certified working as a domestic caregiver; or a teacher taking up seasonal work in agriculture).en
dc.description.sponsorshipDG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commissionen
dc.publisherInternational Organization for Migrationen
dc.rightsCreative Commons Uznanie autorstwa 3.0 Polskapl_PL
dc.subjectforeign workersen
dc.subjectlabour marketen
dc.titleSimplification of Employment of Foreign Workers in Poland and the Case of Wroclawen
dc.contributor.organizationUniwersytet Warszawskien
dc.description.epersonMikołaj Pawlak

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