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dc.contributor.authorIzdebska-Mucha, Dorota
dc.contributor.authorWójcik, Emilia
dc.description.abstractThe paper presents a study on the shrinkage properties of three clay soils from Poland. Shrinkage limit, volumetric shrinkage and relative volumetric shrinkage were tested according to PN-88/B-04481 (1988) and BS1377: Part 2 (1990) and correlated with index properties of soils. The shrinkage limit was also calculated from Krabbe‘s (1958) equation. The results showed that shrinkage limit values obtained by the BS method are lower than those obtained using the PN method, but the values calculated from Krabbe‘s equation differ significantly. While no strong correlation was found between shrinkage limit and index soil parameters, linear relationships were obtained between volumetric shrinkage and initial moisture content, shrinkage range, plasticity index and clay content. Following multivariable regression analysis, the relative volumetric shrinkage was expressed as a function of plasticity index and moisture content. This function can be used to predict volumetric changes of the foundations based on the moisture content and material properties of the soil.en
dc.rightsUznanie autorstwa 3.0 Polska*
dc.subjectvolumetric shrinkageen
dc.subjectshrinkage limiten
dc.subjectclay soilen
dc.subjectshrinkage testingen
dc.titleTesting shrinkage factors: comparison of methods and correlation with index properties of soilsen

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Uznanie autorstwa 3.0 Polska
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