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dc.contributor.authorGajdoš, Ivan
dc.contributor.authorSikora, Janusz
dc.contributor.authorDulebová, Ľudmila
dc.contributor.authorVarga, Ján
dc.description.abstractThis paper aims to numerically evaluate a new concept of construction in a single screw extruder design. Rotational barrel segment introduced in 1998 significantly changes the kinematics of movement in a single screw extruder but has not been yet evaluated on numerical or laboratory level. 3D FEM simulation of single screw extruder segment with rotational barrel segment was performed in ANSYS Polyflow, with the adoption of Mesh Superposition Technique. The behavior of melt flow in the segment rotational barrel segment was evaluated and proved the possibility to numerically simulate this problem. 3D FEM CFD simulation was performed on a new type of construction solution of single screw extruder, rotational barrel segment. Results from the simulation demonstrated that the idea of integrating RBS in extruder construction is a correct idea.en
dc.description.sponsorshipEuropean Union
dc.relationMSCA-RISE-2015, NEWEX, No 734205en
dc.rightsUznanie autorstwa 3.0 Polska*
dc.subjectsingle screw extruderen
dc.subjectrotational barrel segmenten
dc.title3D Finite Elements Simulation of the Single Screw Extruder with Rotational Barrel Segmenten
dc.contributor.organizationDepartment of CAx Technologies, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical Univeristy of Košiceen
dc.contributor.organizationDepartment of Polymer Processing, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Lublin University of Technologyen
dc.contributor.organizationDepartment of Production Technologies and Materials, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical Univeristy of Košiceen

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Uznanie autorstwa 3.0 Polska
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