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dc.contributor.authorSzmuda, Tomasz
dc.contributor.authorAli, Shan
dc.contributor.authorÖzdemir, Cathrine
dc.contributor.authorSyed, Mohammad Talha
dc.contributor.authorSingh, Akshita
dc.contributor.authorHetzger, Tarjei Vevang
dc.contributor.authorRosvall, Philip
dc.contributor.authorFedorow, Karolina
dc.contributor.authorAlkhater, Ahmed
dc.contributor.authorMajlöf, Anders
dc.contributor.authorAlbrahim, Mohammed
dc.contributor.authorAlquraya, Eyad
dc.contributor.authorDunquwah, Rakan Al
dc.contributor.authorAl-hakeem, Zahraa
dc.contributor.authorAlmohisin, Emad
dc.contributor.authorAlradhi, Mohammed
dc.contributor.authorŻydowicz, Weronika Magdalena
dc.contributor.authorMüller, Charlene
dc.contributor.authorEgeland, Ada
dc.contributor.authorKinstad, Aurora Bergersen
dc.contributor.authorNguyen, Jessica
dc.contributor.authorKinstad, Martin Bergersen
dc.contributor.authorAl-Rubaye, Ibraheem
dc.contributor.authorAl-Khazragi, Yasmin
dc.contributor.authorvon Dardel, Beatrice
dc.contributor.authorDave, Bhakti
dc.contributor.authorSłoniewski, Paweł
dc.contributor.authorFercho, Justyna
dc.contributor.authorKierońska, Sara
dc.identifier.citationSzmuda T, ALi Sh, Özdemir C, Syed MT, Singh A, Hetzger TV, Rosvall P, Fedorow K, Alkhater A, Majlöf A, Albrahim M, Alquraya E, Al Dunquwah R, Al-hakeem Z, Almohisin E, Alradhi M, Żydowicz WM, Müller Ch, Egeland A, Kinstad AB, Ngyuen J, Kinstad MB, Al-Rubaye I, Al-Khazragi Y, von Dardel B, Dave B, Słoniewski P, Fercho J, Kierońska S. Eur J Transl Clin Med. 2020;3(2):80-85. DOI: 10.31373/ejtcm/124734en
dc.description.abstractWe gathered publicly available online data and prepared a database of epidemiology, demographics, economics, Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccination and online search trend statistics relevant to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Moreover, we provide several suggestions on the use of this bioresource and reference other relevant datasets to promote research on COVID-19.en
dc.publisherMedical University of Gdańsken
dc.rightsUznanie autorstwa-Na tych samych warunkach 3.0 Polska*
dc.subjectGoogle trendsen
dc.titleDatasets and future research suggestions concerning SARS-CoV-2en
dc.contributor.organizationMedical University of Gdańsken
dc.contributor.organizationUniversity Hospital Collegium Medicum Nicolaus Copernicus University, Bydgoszcz, Polanden

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Uznanie autorstwa-Na tych samych warunkach 3.0 Polska
Except where otherwise noted, this item's license is described as Uznanie autorstwa-Na tych samych warunkach 3.0 Polska