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dc.contributor.authorSajewska, Marta
dc.description.abstractThe main aim of this thesis is to present the extraordinary world of fans and to try to put the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri in such a context. For this purpose, first I explain and analyze all important terms related to the fan studies, such as: fan, fandom, fan activity, fanfiction. To ease full and complete understanding of the concept of fans, I intend to provide further information – a short story of the phenomenon across the centuries and the evolution from small, ancient groups of “fans” to today’s multifandoms. Furthermore, I provide practical examples from modern popular culture to better illustrate some phenomena. In the analytical part of the thesis, first I present my way of thinking that led me to create a new, authorial method of analyzing fanfiction. Later on, I present some literary and intertextual theories that helped me with my task (especially Gérard Genette’s or Elena Rossi’s intertextual theory, but also Henry Jenkins’ theory). In the end I describe in detail the procedure related to the method of analysis. In the next part I put it into practice, analyzing two Italian novels that refer to Dante Alighieri and his Comedy, namely I delitti della luce by Giulio Leoni and La profezia perduta di Dante by Francesco Fioretti.The analysis of the novels is carried out accordingly to my method and focuses on four major modules: plot, Dante-protagonist, presence and attitude towards women, presence and references to Comedy. Apart from that I also analyze elements characteristic for each of the novels (for example the presence of Fedeli d’Amore). The analysis is based not only on the intertextual terminology, but also the one used by fans to show that these two approaches can coexist.In the end I present my conclusions – I valuate both novels from the point of view of fan studies and I present my thoughts about practical application of my method from the philological point of view.en
dc.rightsDozwolony użytek*
dc.subjectDante studiesen
dc.subjectfan studiesen
dc.subjectfan theory and cultureen
dc.subjectDante Alighieriit
dc.subjectliterature analysisen
dc.subjectDivine Comedyit
dc.subjectDivina Commediait
dc.subjectfandom studiesen
dc.subjectfanfiction studiesen
dc.subjectfanfiction in literatureen
dc.titleLa “Divina Commedia” di Dante Alighieri nel mondo della fanfictionit
dc.contributor.organizationUniwersytet Jagiellońskiit

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Dozwolony użytek
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