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dc.contributor.authorSzark-Eckardt, Mirosława
dc.contributor.authorŁuczak, Marta
dc.contributor.authorŻukowska, Hanna
dc.contributor.authorZukow, Walery
dc.description.abstractPhysical activity should be constantly accompanied by people of all ages, at any stage of life. Movement is often the most effective and cheapest cure for many diseases. The public is slowly beginning to realize the enormous benefits of taking action movement. Arises even fashion a healthy lifestyle and so. being "fit". Nothing, however, would not be able to start without the proper motivation, which should be a strong incentive to compel action. In this work the study of women's motivation to engage in physical activity. The role of women over the years radically changed. More and more women are choosing to stay at home and devote their lives exclusively family. Modern woman has shown that it is possible to meet a professional, he is also a wonderful mother and wife. It's amazing how strong, independent and resourceful in this day and age can be a person, which is commonly say "weaker sex". It is very important to the whole multitude of responsibilities, each woman found a little time to take care of themselves, hence the choice of this topic work. Aim of the study is to identify the factors motivating women to engage in physical activity, to investigate the frequency and the most popular forms of movement, to specify the components of healthy lifestyles and attitudes towards physical activity undertaken by the respondents.en
dc.publisherRadomska Szkoła Wyższa, Radom, Polanden
dc.rightsCreative Commons Uznanie autorstwa na tych samych warunkach 3.0 Polskapl_PL
dc.subjectphysical activityen
dc.subjectaktywność ruchowapl
dc.titleThe Motivation of Women to Engage in Motor Activityen
dc.title.alternativeMotywacja kobiet do uprawiania aktywności ruchowejru
dc.contributor.organizationKazimierz Wielki University, Bydgoszcz, Polanden
dc.description.epersonWalery Zukow

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Creative Commons Uznanie autorstwa na tych samych warunkach 3.0 Polska
Except where otherwise noted, this item's license is described as Creative Commons Uznanie autorstwa na tych samych warunkach 3.0 Polska