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dc.contributor.authorBodziany, Marek
dc.identifier.citationM. Bodziany, Clash of cultures and identity. Sociological aspects of multiculturalism in the age of social changes, Cultural - Historical Psychology, no 4/2008en
dc.description.abstractThe XXI century is described as the century of globalization and multiculturalism. Mass migrations, integration processes occurring in the contemporary world, changes, and transformations of political system make the world a global village. Such a situation creates possibilities of getting to know other cultures by the means of diffusion of cultures. This article touches upon development of the theory of multiculturalism, changes in its interpreting under the influence of the factors which participate in its creation. Multiculturalism is undoubtedly a domain of democracy with its tolerance, at least theoretically, to all diversities. Multiculturalism, according to the contemporary approach to this topic, has become a domain of the modern societies which derive its modernity from the achievements of other cultures. Such a situation is possible provided that diffusion of cultures takes place. Open borders can additionally favour the occurrence of this phenomenon.en
dc.publisherMoscow State University of Psychology and Educationen
dc.rightsDozwolony użytek
dc.subjectethnic stratificationen
dc.subjectnational chauvinismen
dc.subjectethnic distanceen
dc.subjectcultural assimilatingen
dc.subjectdiffusion of culturesen
dc.subjectcultural contacten
dc.subjectintercultural communicationen
dc.subjectnational megalomaniaen
dc.titleClash of cultures and identity. Sociological aspects of multiculturalism in the age of social changesen
dc.title.alternativeСтолкновение культур и идентичности. Социологические аспекты мультикультурализма в эпоху общественных переменrus
dc.contributor.organizationWyższa Szkoła Oficerska Wojsk Lądowych we Wrocławiuen
dc.description.epersonMarek Bodziany

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