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dc.contributor.authorPiatkowska, Ksenia Katarzyna
dc.identifier.citationPiatkowska, Ksenia. 2013. Expo Pavilions As Expresion Of National Aspirations. Architecture As Political Symbol.Archhist’ 13 ARCHITECTURE POLITICS ART CONFERENCE, Politics in the history of architecture as cause & concequence. Vol. 48. pp. 20-29en
dc.description.abstractThe World‘s Fair since their beginning served as an international presentation of goods and achievements of particular nations and all the same became the résumé of global development. Independently from the actual political situation the Expos’ area became the oasis of peace where the potential antagonisms were expressed through the evocative architecture of pavilions. The Expo pavilions are extraordinary for their temporary character. The temporariness factor and the cost-effectiveness of Expo pavilions’ constructions are juxtaposed with high expectations due to the pavilions prestige and the aesthetic expression. According to the circumstances there are often built objects that become the architectural icons or unforgettable symbols and physical proclamation of present. Architecture of the Expo pavilions becomes the evident testimony to contemporary constructing abilities at the same time attaining perfection in the form. Expo pavilions are the extreme example of use of architecture as political symbol. The national pavilions -once ignored and underestimated – currently may change any nation’s image dramatically. Thus the role of architecture in case of creating the Expo pavilions cannot be overestimated. Abounding in symbolism and contemporary, innovative solutions is lake a mirror the modern mankind looks at herself with a admiration and at the same time plans next surprising aesthetic revolutions and ideological theories.en
dc.publisherDAKAM Publishing, Istanbulen
dc.rightsDozwolony użytek
dc.subjectWorld’s Fairen
dc.subjectarchitecture of aspirationsen
dc.subjectarchitecture as a political symbolen
dc.subjectsymbolic architectureen
dc.subjectExpo pavilionsen
dc.titleExpo Pavilions As Expression Of National Aspirations. Architecture As Political Symbol.en
dc.contributor.organizationGdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Architectureen
dc.description.epersonKsenia Piątkowska

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