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dc.contributor.authorLestyánszka Škůrková, Katarína
dc.contributor.authorNemec, Matej
dc.contributor.authorKosnáčová, Petra
dc.contributor.authorMarková, Petra
dc.description.abstractAs first as we are able to set up some apparature to process it is necessary to find up if this apparature is in progress of capability and if it is able to made produce in our demanded parameters. The main point of statistical evaluation lie on that variability of process can be on one cause – machine composition. Capability of measured apparature is assess by Cm and Cmk indicator. As the results showed, the pressing machine is not capable for injection, the index Cm=3,52 and Cmk=1,51, because the index Cmk is lower that value 1,67. Therefore it is necessary to apply the correction actions and after them check the machine´s capability again. After correction actions were calculated values of scrap index for finding if the pressing machine is capable to produce in demanded parameters. The scrap index was 0,728%, which is lower than one month before. So we can consider the machine as capable.en
dc.rightsDozwolony użytek
dc.subjectcapability indexesen
dc.subjectstatistical toolsen
dc.titleUsing the Statistical Tools in Machine´s Capability Evaluation – Part 1en
dc.description.epersonStanisław Borkowski

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Dozwolony użytek
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