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dc.contributor.authorCholewa, Mirosław
dc.contributor.authorPosmyk, Andrzej
dc.contributor.authorScelina, Dawid
dc.contributor.authorBąk, Łukasz
dc.description.abstractThis article presents preparation of near-eutectic aluminum-silicon surface (AC-AlSi11) by anodic oxidation, which produces a porous oxide layer (Al2O3) substrate constituting the permanent adhesive connection with an epoxy composition. Documents influence of silicon educe in the form of unmodified alloy (AC-AlSi11) and modified (AC-AlSi11 + M) in the anodizing process, uniform structure and thickness of the oxide layer and the topography of the surface to improve adhesion of the resin to AlSi alloy This paper also describes the influence of the oxidized surface position in relation to the negative electrode i to the coating. In assumption elements of the test spatial castings will change the distribution of the electric field h resulting in a heterogeneous structure of the coating. The effect of surface preparation by oxidation on the mechanical properties of the connection AlSi alloy-resin is also described. The motivation for this study was a new group of products - spatial skeleton castings in which by regulation and prediction of effects at the border of the contact between ceramic and casting has influenced on structural and mechanical properties of cast skeleton composites.en
dc.publisherAeternitas Publishing Houseen
dc.rightsDozwolony użytek
dc.subjectadhesive connectionen
dc.subjectskeleton castingen
dc.titlePreparation of the Contact Surface With the Composition Near-eutectic Silumins Epoxy ( AlSi11/EP)en
dc.description.epersonStanisław Borkowski

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Dozwolony użytek
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