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    • Data model for analysis of scholarly documents in the MapReduce paradigm 

      Kawa, Adam; Bolikowski, Łukasz; Czeczko, Artur; Dendek, Piotr Jan; Tkaczyk, Dominika (Springer, 2013)
      At CEON ICM UW we are in possession of a large collection of scholarly documents that we store and process using MapReduce paradigm. One of the main challenges is to design a simple, but effective data model that fits ...
    • GROTOAP: GROund Truth for Open Access Publications 

      Tkaczyk, Dominika; Czeczko, Artur; Rusek, Krzysztof; Bolikowski, Łukasz; Bogacewicz, Roman (ACM, 2012-06)
      The field of digital document content analysis includes many important tasks, for example page segmentation or zone classification. It is impossible to build effective solutions for such problems and evaluate their performance ...
    • A modular metadata extraction system for born-digital articles 

      Tkaczyk, Dominika; Bolikowski, Łukasz; Czeczko, Artur; Rusek, Krzysztof (2012-03-27)
      We present a comprehensive system for extracting metadata from scholarly articles. In our approach the entire document is inspected, including headers and footers of all the pages as well as bibliographic references. ...