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    • Local existence and uniqueness of solutions to one-dimensional tumor invasion model 

      Ito, Akio; Gokieli, Maria; Niezgódka, Marek; Szymańska, Zuzanna (Elsevier, 2010)
      In the present paper, we propose a modified tumor invasion model which was originally proposed in Chaplain and Anderson (2003) [1]. And we show the local existence and uniqueness of solutions to approximate systems of ...
    • The Neumann problem in an irregular domain 

      Bolikowski, Łukasz; Gokieli, Maria; Varchon, Nicolas (EMS, Interfaces and Free Boundaries, 2010)
      We consider the stability of patterns for the reaction-diffusion equation with Neumann boundary conditions in an irregular domain in ℝN, N ≥ 2, the model example being two convex regions connected by a small ‘hole’ in their ...
    • Simulating Phase Transition Dynamics on Non-trivial Domains 

      Bolikowski, Łukasz; Gokieli, Maria (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2013)
      Our goal is to investigate the influence of the geometry and topology of the domain Ω on the solutions of the phase transition and other diffusion-driven phenomena in Ω, modeled e.g. by the Allen-Cahn, Cahn-Hilliard, ...