Recent Submissions

  • Evaluating Methods of Transferring Large Datasets 

    Kopeć, Jakub (Springer Nature, 2022)
    Our society critically depends on data, Big Data. The humanity generates and moves data volumes larger than ever before and their increase is continuously accelerating. The goal of this research is to evaluate tools used ...
  • Otwieranie nauki w Polsce 

    Szprot, Jakub (Stowarzyszenie EBIB, 2012)
    W referacie zostaną przedstawione przedsięwzięcia i inicjatywy związane z otwartą nauką w Polsce, z uwzględnieniem kluczowych w obecnej sytuacji obszarów, takich jak: otwarty dostęp do treści naukowych (czasopisma w otwartym ...
  • Evaluation of Features for Author Name Disambiguation Using Linear Support Vector Machines 

    Dendek, Piotr Jan; Bolikowski, Łukasz; Łukasik, Michał (IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services, 2012-03-27)
    Author name disambiguation allows to distinguish between two or more authors sharing the same name. In a previous paper, we have proposed a name disambiguation framework in which for each author name in each article we ...
  • A modular metadata extraction system for born-digital articles 

    Tkaczyk, Dominika; Bolikowski, Łukasz; Czeczko, Artur; Rusek, Krzysztof (2012-03-27)
    We present a comprehensive system for extracting metadata from scholarly articles. In our approach the entire document is inspected, including headers and footers of all the pages as well as bibliographic references. ...
  • GROTOAP: GROund Truth for Open Access Publications 

    Tkaczyk, Dominika; Czeczko, Artur; Rusek, Krzysztof; Bolikowski, Łukasz; Bogacewicz, Roman (ACM, 2012-06)
    The field of digital document content analysis includes many important tasks, for example page segmentation or zone classification. It is impossible to build effective solutions for such problems and evaluate their performance ...
  • YADDA2 – Assemble Your Own Digital Library Application from Lego Bricks 

    Sylwestrzak, Wojtek; Rosiek, Tomasz; Bolikowski, Łukasz (ACM, 2012-06)
    YADDA2 is an open software platform which facilitates creation of digital library applications. It consists of versatile building blocks providing, among others: storage, relational and full-text indexing, process management, ...
  • Przegląd konferencji ICML, SIGIR, ICDAR w kontekście bibliotek cyfrowych 

    Kuśmierczyk, Tomasz (2011-09-16)
    Przegląd i analiza konferencji ICML, ICDAR, SIGIR w celu analizy i podsumowania trendów w Machine Learning, Information Retrieval i Document Analysis.
  • Workflow of metadata extraction from retro-born-digital documents 

    Tkaczyk, Dominika; Bolikowski, Łukasz (2011-07-13)