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    • E-learning in Higher Education in Practice 

      Bartoszewicz, Małgorzata (Studio NOA for University of Silesia, 2015)
      The article is a summary of the results the Moodle’s use as the educational process support at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Adam Mickiewicz during the Project "UAM: Unique Graduate=Opportunities. Growth ...
    • To Be a (Blended) B-Teacher in the 21st Century – Some Reflections 

      dos Reis, António (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego • Katowice 2015, 2016)
      Being a teacher in the 21st century is a great challenge and requires great thought. A big evolution has happened over the last 70 years. From a room computer (the Mark I in 1943) to tiny pocket computers, thousands of ...