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    • An Analysis of the Effectiveness and Quality of e-Learning in Medical Education 

      Półjanowicz, Wiesław; Roszak, Magdalena; Kołodziejczak, Barbara; Bręborowicz, Andrzej (Studio NOA for University of Silesia, 2014)
      Technology advancement has a major impact on the prevailing education methods and ways to present knowledge. More and more frequently, blended learning or even e-learning methods are implemented along with traditional ...
    • e-Assessment in Medical Education 

      Kołodziejczak, Barbara; Roszak, Magdalena; Ren-Kurc, Anna; Kowalewski, Wojciech; Bręborowicz, Andrzej (Studio-Noa for University of Silesia, 2016)
      In education, assessment is a continuous process which may perform numerous functions, such as diagnosing, supporting, motivating, controlling or summarising. As a continuous process, assessment takes time, and therefore, ...