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dc.contributor.authorSobkowiak, Jarosław Andrzej
dc.descriptionJarosław A. Sobkowiak, Przyszłość religii w świecie zsekularyzowanympl
dc.description.abstractThe future of religion in a secularized world Observation of the contemporary world impels us to ask question about the future of religion. We can proof the relevance of this question, on the one hand, by analysis of the divide of western world on two contrary camps – natural science and humanistic science, and on other hand, by reflection on some proposals concerning rejection of metaphysics and new setting of the subject. Significant example of this is so called “weak thought” (pensiero debole). Yet there comes a new question – is the twilight of metaphysical thinking really the ultimate end of metaphysics itself? If it is so, what else philosophical proposal could substitute the traditional metaphysical thinking? In this regard there are two especially characteristic thinkers: Gianni Vattimo and Richard Rorty. They proposed diametrically opposite solutions: first of them by accenting weakness of the subject, and the second one by emphasizing anticlericalism with reference to comprehension religion and the Church mostly in institutional dimension. In this context inscribes – as a third way – proposal of Charles Taylor, who tries to show the reasons of the transformation of religion in social life from historical perspective. At the same time he puts the most important question – is the twilight of specific form of religiousness mean the twilight of religion itself? So what will religion become in secularized world? Will it necessarily share omnipresent pluralistic comprehension of reality? And what is equally important – are this pluralism and charismatic structure of the Church mutually exclusive or rather they permeate and fulfill each other? We take up reflection on this question – and many others problems – looking for answers concerning adequate place and role of religion in the contemporary secularized
dc.publisherStudia Theologica Varsaviensia, 2010 nr 2, s.
dc.rightsDozwolony użytek
dc.subjectkontekst polskipl
dc.titlePrzyszłość religii w świecie zsekularyzowanympl
dc.description.epersonJarosław Sobkowiak

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