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dc.contributor.authorPodolinská, Tatiana
dc.contributor.authorHrustič, Tomáš
dc.identifier.citationTatiana Podolinská, Tomáš Hrustič, Dynamika religijności Romów na Słowacji – droga ku integracji czy wykluczeniu społecznemu?, "Studia Romologica", 2011, nr 4, s. 125-151.pl_PL
dc.description.abstractThe article presents the results of a research conducted by a group of Slovak researchers in the SIRONA 2010 project. Various spheres of life of Roma people influenced by the activity of registered and unofficial churches, religious groups and communities, have been put under analysis. The analysis, based on the indicators of social integration (WIS), referred to the changes affecting Roma societies subject to religious activity. The quality of social networks within the communities was examined, followed by the interpretation of their pro-integrative (pro-inclusive) or pro-exclusive potential.pl_PL
dc.description.abstractO artìklo sikavel so iklistilo katar-o rodlǎrimàta, save tradine Slovakiaqëre rodlǎrne dr-i mal e projektosqëri SIRONA 2010. Nakhavel tel-i analìza ververa sfère e Rromenqëre ʒivipnasqëre, pe savenθe keren jizdipen oficialone aj naoficialone khangerěnqëre mìsie thaj vi ververa dostimàta dr-e relàcia religialone grupençar. Pal-i skàla e sikavnenqëri pal-i sociàlo integràcia (SSI, gaʒikanes WIS), dikhlǎrdǒn o paruvimàta e rromane familienqëre, save si tel-i aktivitèta e religialone misienqëri. Dikhlǎrdǒn vi e dostipnasqëre relàcie, anda savenθe si somʒene o rodlǎrdine famìlie thaj, andar-aja perspektìva, vi o potenciàli e pro-integracialone (pro-inkluzialone) thaj pro-ekskluzialone socialone parametrenqëro.pl_PL
dc.publisherMuzeum Okręgowe w Tarnowiepl_PL
dc.rightsDozwolony użytek
dc.subjectwykluczenie społecznepl_PL
dc.titleDynamika religijności Romów na Słowacji – droga ku integracji czy wykluczeniu społecznemu?pl_PL
dc.title.alternativeThe Dynamics of Religiousness among the Roma in Slovakia – a Road to Integration or Social Exclusion?pl_PL
dc.title.alternativeKaj liʒal e Rromen i dinamìka lenqëre religiozitetaqëri dr-e Slovakìa – karing-i integràcia val karing jekh nevo sociàlo avrićhudipen?pl_PL
dc.contributor.organizationSłowacka Akademia Naukpl_PL
dc.description.epersonNatalia Gancarz

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