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dc.contributor.authorActon, Thomas
dc.contributor.authorIngmire, Sylvia
dc.identifier.citationThomas Acton, Sylvia Ingmire, „I nikt nie rzuca w nie kamieniami”: romscy imigranci z Polski i ich wkład do polityki Romów/Cyganów/Wędrowców w Zjednoczonym Królestwie, "Studia Romologica", 2012, nr 5, s. 77-96.pl_PL
dc.description.abstractThis paper argues that the distinct and important contribution that immigrant Polish Roma have made to the development of general Roma/Gypsy/Traveller Politics in the United Kingdom is partly explicable in terms of the cultural capital they have brought with them from Poland. They have introduced a new style of cultural politics and community organisation which has been emulated by Roma/Gypsy/Traveller organisations from other communities, and has strengthened the possibilities of common action, underpinned by a new kind of diverse and tolerant pan-Romani consciousness embodied in the UK’s Gypsy Roma Traveller History Month in June each year.pl_PL
dc.description.abstractAnd-o artìklo drabavas so i specifìko aj vasni kontribùcia, savi Rroma Polskaθär anen and-i politika “Rroma/Chypsy/Phirutnegaʒe” Angliaθe, śaj te xalǒvdǒl kotoral e kulturalone kapitalesθär, so ande pumençar andar-i Pòlska. Ande jone jekh nevo stìlo kulturalone politikaqëro aj khetanipnasqëre organizaciaqëro, savo zorajlǎs katar-o organizàcie akharde “Rroma/Chypsy/Phirutnegaʒe” andar-o javëra khetanimàta. Sarkon berś and-o Baredivaj kerdǒl and-i Anglìa o “ćhon e Rroma/Chypsy/Phirutnegaʒe Historiaqëro”, savo zorǎrel o sa-rromano patǐvìtko aj vervërìtko somʒanipen, aj odolesθär vi o śajutnimàta khetane akcienqëre.pl_PL
dc.publisherMuzeum Okręgowe w Tarnowiepl_PL
dc.rightsDozwolony użytek
dc.subjectWielka Brytaniapl_PL
dc.title„I nikt nie rzuca w nie kamieniami”: romscy imigranci z Polski i ich wkład do polityki Romów/Cyganów/Wędrowców w Zjednoczonym Królestwiepl_PL
dc.title.alternative„And nobody throws stones at them”: Polish Roma Migrants and their contribution to Roma/Gypsy/Traveller politics in the United Kingdompl_PL
dc.title.alternative“Thaj khonik na ćhudel pra lenθe barra”: Rroma Polskaθär thaj so anen jone and-i politika Rroma/Chypsy/Phirutnegaʒe Angliaθepl_PL
dc.description.epersonNatalia Gancarz

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