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dc.contributor.authorLewicki, Mikołaj
dc.description.abstractThe article refers primarily to the phenomenological analysis of two concepts: project and situation. They constitute an important part of the extensive Sartre‟s work – Being and Nothingness. The author tracks the meaning of the correlation of these two concepts from two perspectives. On the one hand he shows that the formula „man is a human project‟ is both the existential and anthropological result of the ontology propounded in Being and Nothingness; moreover, he simultaneously explains what this formula means. On the other hand, the author points out that the meaning of the project lies in its necessity of existence „in the situation‟ which reveals the seemingly indelible paradox of the „existence‟ of absolute freedom and of the absolute being. In this context, the article analyses phenomena of „distance‟ and „task‟, which expose the problem of freedom of the human being‟s project in the situation. In conclusion, the author indicates that human reflection determine the autonomy of self-consciousness – which is the absolute choice of men and womenpl_PL
dc.publisherTowarzystwo Doktorantów UJpl_PL
dc.rightsCreative Commons Uznanie autorstwa - Użycie niekomercyjne 3.0
dc.subjectByt i Nicośćpl_PL
dc.subjectróżny dystanspl_PL
dc.subjectdystans człowieka a opór światapl_PL
dc.subjectczłowiek jako projektpl_PL
dc.subjectnicość bytupl_PL
dc.subjectJean-Paul Sartrepl_PL
dc.titleO Jeana Paula Sartre’a projekcie człowieka w sytuacjipl_PL
dc.contributor.organizationUniwersytet Wrocławskipl_PL
dc.description.epersonZeszyty Naukowe TDUJ

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Creative Commons Uznanie autorstwa - Użycie niekomercyjne 3.0
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