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dc.contributor.authorBaias, Stefan
dc.identifier.citationBaias S., Tourist valorization of the wooden cultural heritage from the Crisul Repede hydrographic basin, [w:] Journal of Geography, Politics and Society, no. 1(5), Gdańsk 2013, s. 32-46.pl_PL
dc.description.abstractThe Crisul Repede hydrographic basin possesses a valuable but poorly explored anthropic tourist potential. In this sense, the woodworking crafts (making tools and handicraft articles of wood) and the wooden cultural heritage components emerge (houses and household annexes, wooden gates, shadufs, wells with wooden wheels, traditional technical installations, wooden churches and wooden crosses). Taking into consideration the tourist’s will to know and understand the local culture and the traditional life of the inhabitants, it is necessary to find solutions for the tourist valorization of these components and to introduce these solutions in the development strategies of the involved administrative - territorial units. A proper tourist valorization of the wooden cultural heritage, which is, in fact, the most important cultural heritage of the inhabitants from the studied area, would ensure its sustainability course.pl_PL
dc.publisherUniversity of Gdańsk, Comenius University Bratislava, University of Oradeapl_PL
dc.rightsCreative Commons Uznanie autorstwa 3.0 Polska
dc.subjectwooden cultural heritagepl_PL
dc.subjectethnographic areapl_PL
dc.subjecthydrographic basinpl_PL
dc.titleTourist valorization of the wooden cultural heritage from the Crisul Repede hydrographic basinpl_PL
dc.contributor.organizationDepartment of Geography, Tourism and Territorial Planning, University of Oradeapl_PL
dc.description.epersonTomasz Wiskulski

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