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dc.contributor.authorSavenkova, Lyubov G.
dc.identifier.citationSavenkova L.G., Гуманитаризация образования – условия развития современной школы , Labor et Educatio 2015, nr 3, s.67-79.rus
dc.description.abstractThe article discloses the innovative approach to training and education of children and youth, which is based on the humanization of education, integrated education and polyart education. Humanization of education is considered in the article on both sides. 1) Reliance on pedagogical traditions of Russian science and education based on the concept of a free, humane, spiritual, creative personality, capable to selfdetermination and self-realization. The origins of these ideas are in the theoretical works of great scientists (K. Ushinsky, Leo Tolstoy, S.Frene, V.Sukhomlinsky) and philosophers (M. Bakhtin, Yu.Lotman). 2) Integration of humanities and methods of natural history. The impetus for the revival and the pedagogical model of humanization’s creation is a desire to overcome formal, abstract learning process, introducing a broad education into the cultural space where culture performs corrective function in the development of science.en
dc.publisherInstitute of Social Affairs of the Pedagogical University of Cracowen
dc.rightsCreative Commons Uznanie autorstwa na tych samych warunkach 3.0 Polska
dc.subjectcomprehensive educational unitsen
dc.subjectsocio-cultural environmenten
dc.subjecthumanization of educationen
dc.titleГуманитаризация образования – условия развития современной школыrus
dc.title.alternativeHumanization of Education as the Condition for the Contemporary School’s Developmenten
dc.contributor.organizationRussian Academy of Educationen
dc.description.epersonLabor et Educatio

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Creative Commons Uznanie autorstwa na tych samych warunkach 3.0 Polska
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