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dc.contributor.authorTarasiewicz, Paweł
dc.description.abstractDivergent interpretations of John Paul II’s views on evolutionism are a sufficient motive for undertaking another attempt to understand the papal standpoint properly. The main objective of this article is met by an answer to the following question: what was John Paul II’s position to evolutionism? Realizing such an assignment needs three stages to be passed through. The first part reveals reasons why the theory of evolution was addressed by the Pope. The next step determines competent approaches in discussions on evolutionism. The last stage presents a papal assessment of the theory of evolution in philosophical and theological aspects. Papal analyses of the theory of organic evolution traces deadlines to anthropological pretensions of the evolutionism. Holy Father rejects any possibility of explaining the mystery of man in a perspective of his chance or naturalistic origin. John Paul II’s remarks on evolutionism reveals some drawbacks of evolutionist anthropology, and consequently strikes these positions that absolutize the theory of organic evolution in science, or elsewhere in culture. The papal addresses however express his care for the quality of scientific research and the level of dialogue between science, philosophy, and
dc.publisherFundacja „Lubelska Szkoła Filozofii Chrześcijańskiej”pl
dc.rightsCreative Commons Uznanie autorstwa 3.0 Polskapl_PL
dc.subjecthuman beingpl
dc.subjectJohn Paul IIpl
dc.subjectJan Paweł IIpl
dc.titleJan Paweł II wobec ewolucjonizmupl
dc.description.epersonPaweł Tarasiewicz

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